Why an attorney?

You have been injured and have urgent need of someone to represent your interests who knows their way through the red tape and who can communicate clearly to you just what your rights are in your particular situation. You can choose to consult someone through your legal aid insurer, to get advice from a loss adjuster or to engage a specialised personal injury attorney.

Your wisest choice is the specialist attorney, not only because specialist help is no more expensive (often costing you nothing) but because the specialist attorney is by far the best equipped to solve all the juridical problems and answer all the questions – both yours and those of other interested parties - that will inevitably arise as a result of your injury. And of course, an attorney knows how to try the case in court, should it come to that. No one wants to go to court, yet it is often the knowledge of that real possibility that gives you an edge in the actual negotiations. When the last thing you want to do at a time when your finances may already be stretched is to waste money unnecessarily, the first thing you should do is to consult a specialised personal injury attorney.

If you find yourself unsure of what to do next, please feel free to contact us. Your initial consultation is free and without obligation.