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Wildeboer AVS is a law firm with a wealth of experience in liability law, insurance law and the law with respect to compensation for damages. Our attorneys have particular expertise in personal injury law and its associated insurance aspects.
The attorneys at Wildeboer AVS are uniquely qualified to handle your personal injury case. Especially when the injuries are severe, the legal issues complex and the damages extensive, clients seem to find their way to our door.
Wildeboer AVS can advise you regarding liability, calculate or estimate your damages, establish and maintain contact with a medical expert and arrange with insurers for advance payments. We also give advice regarding settlements and proceed, when necessary, with court appearances. Our attorneys are there to guide and support you throughout your entire case.

What is personal injury?

Injuries to both physical and mental health, as well as damages resulting from death, all fall under the category of personal injury. In some cases, the victim or the victim’s next-of-kin are entitled to compensation. Causes of personal injury include: traffic accidents, an accident at work, animal behaviour, defective property, and lack of (adequate) warning or information about dangerous situations. Poorly performed medical services (including medical malpractice) can also result in personal injury, as can inferior products and even uncontrolled behaviour at a sports event. There are many possible causes of personal injury. These are just some of the more common examples.


What damages are compensated?

Almost all damages resulting in physical or mental injury are eligible for compensation. Think about claims for medical costs or for travel expenses. The largest claim for compensation is often for loss of earnings because a victim, as a result of injury, is no longer (fully) able to work. If a victim needs household help or help in maintaining a home as a result of injury, there is also potential for compensation, even if these tasks are performed by family or friends. Besides compensation for these monetary damages, victims have the right to compensation for what are called immaterial damages: pain and suffering. The amount of pain and suffering damages is dependent on the seriousness of the injuries, the limitations they cause and on various other personal circumstances.

Why an attorney?

You have been injured and have urgent need of someone to represent your interests who knows their way through the red tape and who can communicate clearly to you just what your rights are in your particular situation. You can choose to consult someone through your legal aid insurer, to get advice from a loss adjuster or to engage a specialised personal injury attorney.

Your wisest choice is the specialist attorney, not only because specialist help is no more expensive (often costing you nothing) but because the specialist attorney is by far the best equipped to solve all the juridical problems and answer all the questions – both yours and those of other interested parties - that will inevitably arise as a result of your injury. And of course, an attorney knows how to try the case in court, should it come to that. No one wants to go to court, yet it is often the knowledge of that real possibility that gives you an edge in the actual negotiations. When the last thing you want to do at a time when your finances may already be stretched is to waste money unnecessarily, the first thing you should do is to consult a specialised personal injury attorney.


LSA hallmark

All our attorneys are members of the Association of Personal Injury Attorneys (LSA). This membership is the highest attainable professional hallmark for personal injury attorneys in Holland. Members of this exclusive association have, after graduating from law school, passing the bar exam and their term of apprenticeship at a law firm, taken specific courses in personal injury law and passed an additional specialist exam. Members are required to maintain their expertise through mandatory continuing education. Further, their practice must include a specified number of hours each year devoted solely to personal injury cases. The LSA lawyers from Wildeboer AVS are considered to be among the best personal injury attorneys in the Netherlands.

For legal professionals

Are you a colleague looking for a personal injury attorney for your own clients or contacts? Wildeboer AVS enjoys frequent, satisfied referrals from other firms. Our standards are high and service is individually tailored to fit each client’s needs. Many lawyers already know how to find us. Your referrals will be in the best of hands. Wildeboer AVS also organises lectures and workshops on subjects relating to liability law, insurance law and personal injury law. We are glad to organise a lecture or workshop to suit the needs of your organisation.

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