Accident, damage, injury?

Wildeboer AVS is a law firm with a wealth of experience in liability law, insurance law and personal injury law. Our attorneys have particular expertise in personal injury law and its associated insurance aspects. The attorneys at Wildeboer AVS are uniquely qualified to handle your personal injury case.


Things are tough enough already

We advise you regarding liability, calculate or estimate your damages, establish and maintain contact with a medical expert and arrange for advance payments. We also give advice regarding settlements and proceed, when necessary, with court appearances. Our attorneys are there to guide and support you throughout your entire case. It is one thing less to worry about.

Maximum compensation

Don’t sell yourself short and  consult a specialized personal injury law attorney. An attorney at law is most qualified for solving the legal questions  surrounding your claim for damages. At Wildeboer AVS we strive for a maximum achievable amount of compensation. If you share that ambition, please call or mail us.

All attorneys at Wildeboer AVS are members of the prominent Dutch Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA) and as such are recognized by the Dutch Bar Association as specialists in their field. They are also members of the European Association of Personal Injury Lawyers PEOPIL. Joost Wildeboer is member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ).


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